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05 August, 2012

Sunniest Weekend

How good does it feel... To finally have a weekend off! I soaked it all up, firstly heading off to Suzie's going away party, she is moving to Melbourne this week to pursue her passion in photography she did the most amazing job on our wedding photo's the best gift ever!

Then we headed off to twinnes something about my friends and tweed they are forever going there haha! I just love when the whole gang gets together all the laughter, stories, drunken stumbles they are just the most beautiful people, all of them!

Then the next day breaky with Rhian, Emma and Dave yummm best food at Mecca! Pity they didn't have gluten free bread :( it was the most beautiful day on the GC so sunny! Perfect weather for footy! Titans vs Rabitohs! Dave came home a happy man... just!

Honestly what a great weekend I definitely needed the catch up with my friends! We even said goodbye to the old couch {so much room for activities now haha love step brothers!!}