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09 August, 2012

Top 8 beauty buys

I love being a beauty therapist my skin & hair have always been my number 1 priority! After all its your skin that is the largest organ and first line of defense I have always made sure I take good care of it, I absolutely love helping clients out with advice and help them feel beautiful again so it only makes sense to share eight beauty products I can't live without! (and some my hairdresser has got me addicted too!)

1. De Lorenzo {instant reconstructant} literally helped finally grow my hair for my wedding best protein spray!

2. Jane Iredale {hydrant spray} helps keep your make up on and not to mention refreshes your face with the loveliest smell!

3. Yonka Skincare I use this at work & home it is truly amazing all natural oils, plant extracts and no parabens. It's made in France and was originally made for burn victims. Martha Stewart swears by it!

4. De Lorenzo {purple shampoo} this stuff is STRONG I always have to dilute it with my normal shampoo it's amazing!

5. Argan Oil {restorative mask} I've only been using this product for a few weeks now and it's very strong, less is Definitely more my hair feels so good afterwards and the smell is so yummy!

6. Umberto Giannini {dry shampoo} my hairdresser got me hooked on this it's perfect for those days you can't be bothered to wash your hair but still want to go out in public and not look like your from grease!

7.Mancine Professional {salt scrub} I swear by this scrub it is so yummy it has oil mixed in with the scrub so it's not only getting rid of your dead skin but it's so nourishing for dry, dull skin.

8. Raspberry Pavlova body wash what more do I need to say?!!

What are your fav beauty buys? Have you tried any of mine before?