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07 March, 2013

There is no better friend than a Sister

We just finished saying goodbye to my Sister on Tuesday our last visitor for a while! I hate when my visitors leave it always means back to work back to reality and stop pretending I'm on holidays too eating whatever I want, buying whatever I want and doing whatever I want yep it's official I hate "reality" haha. I have had such a great time with my Sister Carly she is pretty awesome only because we share the same birthday exactly 10years apart she did hate me for a while there when I was born. Who wouldn't want your younger sister spitting on your birthday cakes trying to blow out the candles?! We hardly get to hang out just the two of us so I loved that we got a few days of it I definitely didn't want her to go home :( Dave loves having family stay too he is such a entertainer like me although we did loose brownie points for not having beer in the fridge haha. I also got to catch up with my sister in laws as well which was really fun Max Brenner's, Salsa's, cuddles with my nieces and shopping what more could you want! Tomorrow Dave & I have the day off to relax and get the house back to normal it looks like a bomb hit it!! and Saturday is our 5yr anniversary wow how time has flown by soon it will be our 1yr wedding anniversary this may. Here is a few pics from the past week, hope everyone has a great weekend Dave sure will because the FOOTY is back on oh dear...

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