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31 August, 2012

A cheer of grateful

This week has been a hard one what does one do when money is tight, hours are less, no family close and friends mainly get weekends off I think I drove husband crazy when he got home I was so excited for the company so excited to see my best friend poor husband just wanted to watch sport, news and chill out on the couch. I did do about a thousand loads of washing, gardening, dishes yes holy shit I did dishes! There must be something wrong with me! Winter is finally over tomorrow I whole heartily welcome spring but these magpies are scarying the shit out of me!! Nevertheless I always like to keep happy, keep smiling cause honestly "shit happens" and there is definitely someone out there worse of then me which always makes me appreciate what am I grateful for this week?

-Dave I am one lucky Wifey you are truly my best friend
-long distant calls to family who forever offer their support
-friends for always helping me out & just being there for me
-beach oh how I've missed your feeling of calm
-sunshine on my days off
-joys of baby news, miracles, filling everyone with love
-goals, future, plans & the love of unknown spontaneous

What are you grateful for? What makes you smile and cheers you up?

30 August, 2012

To the Rescue

These pictures brighten my day! Makes my postcard challenge all the more worth it! How cute are my nephew & niece!

Kind Hearted Souls

I always think I meet special friends in my life at that particular time for a reason and these two ladies are extraordinary in their own ways. They are always guiding me with their knowledge their wisdom and most of all their kind hearted souls. I do enjoy spending time with them and today was exactly what all three of us needed!

29 August, 2012

#16 #17 Superhero Postcard Challenge

Dad it's only fair I send you one for Fathers Day he & Mum are my biggest fans they always said I should keep writing I use to write so many letters and stories growing up. Dad has always supported me in whatever I wanted to do he would drive me to acting classes, found me an agent, drove me to dance lessons, hid in the back row of my netball games yep I was horrific at sport besides dancing ha ha! Taught me how to bake the most delicious things, taught me how to be a handy woman he was obviously psychic and knew I would marry a not so handyman! and taught me how to garden. Dad made sure he had sourced every opportunity for whatever careers we wanted to pursue and even to this day he is still giving me career advice, money advice, life lessons he is my tree of wisdom! I appreciate everything you have done for us Dad I miss you more everyday and can't to see you in November!

Scarlett is one of my oldest friends from school I was always at her house watching scary movies, being the naughty ones at our sleepovers and drawing on everyone's faces with lipstick when they fell asleep ha ha! We also made her brother Erin make us Terriyaki Chicken yum I miss those days! Scarlett loves Superman so hopefully she likes her postcard! Scarlett's brother Erin is also doing a Golf Day for Cystic Fibrosis which Scarlett & Erin have so if you can help out with a donation or even turning up on the day would be great the detail are on this site here.

What am I doing? Find out here. Want a postcard send me an email and I'll send a superhero your way!

28 August, 2012

Chiller of a Date Day

Date Day chilled style!

No handyman episodes or shopping trips just a chilled out day at the beach, a Sunday drive on a Tuesday to look at dream houses we cannot afford, a coffee stop with Dave's parents finished by a relaxing afternoon on the couch. Today was exactly what we needed some sunshine rays through the chilly winds and dreaming too finishing with delicious pork chops & veggies and already in my pjs at five :)

#11 #12 #13 #14 #15 Superhero Postcard Challenge

Taneil is a very close friend from Beauty School yep back in the fun days! she is currently studying to be a nurse and doing placement at Oncology with my sister inlaw small world! I miss seeing Taneil now we don't live near each other :( it was so great seeing her at my wedding, when I was in Beauty School I use to call Dave my potential Husband who knew that would of come true!

Kate blogs over at Our Little Sins, she started the Pantone Project which got me started on this Superhero Challenge it's so nice to get snail mail and just brighten someone's day and Kate has definitely done this nearly 100 times oh so close now! Although I haven't met Kate she has a super cool blog that I love to read and was my first ever follower she has been super nice and helped me out with a few blogger things I suck! ha ha. Check out her blog its well worth it!! I hope you like Superman Kate he's coming your way :)

Kirsty & Matt: Matt is my cousin and Kirsty is his awesome Gf! they live in Melbourne only my new most favourite city ever! we got to catch up on my Honeymoon when I was there yay! hopefully we get to head over there next year again I sure do love my shopping! They have the cutest dog I'm very jealous!! Matt & Kirsty recently got back from Thailand yet again I am jealous ha ha, your next holiday should be the Gold Coast to come visit me! I promise it won't rain like last time ha ha!

Ryan is my 5 year old Nephew he is sooooo bright he makes Auntie Stephy feel very dumb! ha ha I am going to see him in November which I am super excited about, Uncle Dave picked out his card which I know he will love, I almost feel like Uncle Dave is trying and succeeding in winning Ryan over they call each other about the Rabbitohs team in the NRL he also loves baking with me yay! I am counting down the sleeps till I see you!

Brookie is my beautiful niece and Ryan's little sister I love when Brookie gets on face time and says "hi honey" "love you Arnie (Auntie) Stephy" so cute she turns 2 next month and has grown so much already she talks so much now & I can't wait to see her soon! I couldn't send Ryan one without Brookie! my sister was such a tom boy when she was younger I knew Brookie would be doomed without Mum & I dressing her in girly things he he!

What am I doing? Find out here. Want to be part of my Superhero Challenge & receive a postcard shoot me an email with your address :)