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26 August, 2012

Wingin' Connoisseur

Have you ever put a brave face on even though your totally out of your comfort zone, maybe you might embarrass yourself or worse feel like your letting the team down?
That pretty much summed up my last couple of days your probably thinking what the hell I've done jumped out of a airplane, off a bridge being extreme Steph nope I'm not that awesome yet...

I wanted extra shifts work is pretty quiet so I thought okay I'll work in food & beverage yep this will be just like the old days when I managed at McDonalds seriously this will be easy! I was wrong very wrong! "wingin" waitering is not something that comes easy! I'm not much of a drinker okay so Ill tell the truth I only like vodka I feel the judgement already but honestly I've tried wine connoisseuring everyone tells me it'll get better, my palate will mature the older I get somehow I don't believe it, to me it tastes too much like goon yep there I said in the most 21year old amateur way! Feel free to suggest wines I could start off to like? I believe I need help! So all you wine connoisseurs you will cringe at the next part but hopefully you will laugh it off.. I proceeded to take drink orders which I have never done apart from McDonalds drinks or Coffee that I do know! First drink I took was a sauvignon blanc is that red or white I now know its white the next a beer okay so my knowledge of beer is XXXX, VB, Carona, Hahn, pure blonde that's pretty much all I know so when the gentleman asksed for a cascade, yeah that sounds like a beer I told one of the workers he asked if it was light or premium Hmmm well they are on holidays just give him premium. Next table I waitered ordered like five dishes between them yes I am a rookie and bought all five out at once cause that's what the chef gave me who needs entrees when you can have a feast! I bet they had so many foodstagram pics!

I felt like I was playing the "diner dash" app cause I really sucked at turning tables over fast enough and my dishes wow they piled up! This morning I did another shift but this time breakfast all I had to do was clear plates for the buffet easy peesy until I seen how many tables I had to do by myself woah yep another day in the world of "diner dash" I really feel for that character! And boy spring is really near the magpies sure did death stare me all morning I was so scared!!

I am so thankful for my next three days off! And so excited for date day on Tuesday I'm thinking a whole day at the beach!! Please be good weather!!

Have you ever had to "wing" something? Have a Wine I must try?