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21 August, 2012

Pill for every ill

Husband & I went to a cancer prevention workshop that my chiropractor held okay it was more like Husband came kicking screaming! Dave is very skeptical when I try to tell him things. It has a lot to do with his ego and for him being 6years older than me nonetheless he always comes running back to say sorry when I'm right (boys men are slow learners!) so I knew he would do all he can to convince me not to go but I knew after this he would understand why I needed him to come...

I am not afraid to admit it I am a typical "Aries" I start a lot of things but if I am not totally invested in something and have someone support me honestly 100% I will not finish I will not succeed. Dave on the other hand if he is invested in something he is in it 100% he loves the routine we work so well together as I'm the kick starter the one who has so much energy for the short distant run and Dave is my relay member my long distant won't stop till he has completed it 100%. So this workshop was essential for Dave to help me get across the line for a better life simple as that I want a better life for myself, for my health, for Dave I see the picture clearly but at times when it goes blurry I know Dave will be there and now has the information to help me us succeed!

Tonight this is what I learnt:

There are three contributors to Cancer
- physical
- chemical
- emotional

Movement charges your brain like you do plugging your iPhone in to charge every night, sitting is the new smoking it compresses your discs in your spinal literally crunching it, 1hr of walking a week reduces your incident of cancer by 38% - 40%. Cancer struggles to survive from oxygen so get out there and just walk, let your feet touch the earth imagine those people in hospital who can't and who would give anything to walk!

We have symptoms like diarrhea From a deeper cause it's our body trying to get rid of a chemical, parasite etc.. If we clog it up with medication it will find a way to get rid of it up the top end by vomiting, through your skin by sweating, a rash if you keep trying to stop those symptoms surely enough your body goes right I need to put all of this bad stuff into a garbage bag and seal it put it somewhere away from harm surely enough those garbage bags are called tumours there is a reason why those tumours are sealed then the doctor comes in and takes a biopsy yep punctures a hole and what happens next that sealed garbage bag leaks into blood, into the body, into organs what's the point of a biopsy when they have proven that 70% of those results come up wrong and in the end they are going to take out the tumour anyway?

It is pretty scary that our statistics are 1 in 3 people will get cancer look to your left, your right if they don't have it guess what it's you. The saying goes in 100years you will experience 7 storms meaning you will most likely have cancer 7 times in your life and you won't even know it listen to those symptoms because there is always a reason for them, prevention is easy eat food, not too much, mostly plants, small amounts of meat reduce your physical, chemical and emotional risks.

Dad coke zero has neurotoxins it refines sugar so much it crosses your blood barrier in your brain Dr Anthony says if you really want a fizzy drink try soda water with some cranberry juice :) I can hear you now yeah right that would taste like shit ah well guess its water for you or a freshly made juice I have recipes it's like a colonoscopy prep at home but yummy version haha!

And last two random things I jotted down..
-sugar turns Into acid
-coconut oil is the only oil that can be heated up

So I'm glad Dave & I went to this tonight cause guess what it's grocery shopping day tomorrow! I scored so bad on the test at the start for my physical, emotional and chemical I really felt guilty for my body I hope I can change walk over that line and really just live healthier not for image wise at all just to glow from the inside out.