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30 November, 2012

The Butterflies took off

I just love catching up with my neighbour Jaymi and her beautiful kids we always find fun things to do and talk about our big huge dreams and yesterday was no exception we traced, cut and laughed all afternoon till finally we put up some butterflies in her lounge room and daughters room how cute are they!

28 November, 2012

Creative Wifey: The Butterfly Effect

This was the cheapest home decorating ever! Instead of spending heaps on art work or frames for pictures I decided to grab some coloured cardboard in the colours of my room as my walls are pretty bland and we are renting so it had to be something that was easy to get off the wall as well.

What you will need:

Blue tack


1. Cut out Template and trace on the cardboard of your choice I had Black as my base colour and then added pops of yellow, charcoal & silver to tie in with the rest of my room.

2. Cut around the tracing and fold butterflies in half. Decided how you would like your butterflies placed I got my inspiration off Serena's bedroom in Gossip Girl with the circle and butterflies flying out.

3. Stick on your wall and scatter your coloured ones around so they are not all together and your done!!

below is some templates I used that you can print out and use :)

26 November, 2012

Standing Strong

Sometimes people come into our lives and when we are surrounded by them we instantly become a better version of ourselves we think through problems in rational ways, we make plans to get fit & healthy, we dream big dreams, we help make those dreams feel more alive and closer than ever. Most of all we learn to love ourselves an inch more from words of encouragement from those most loved friendships that pick us up when we're down, fight the badies hand in hand, and conquer the world like giants. These friendships are so very close to my heart and without them I would not smile as big as I do, My heart would not be full of giving to those in need & my mind would be full of self doubt because honestly who doesn't believe a best friend's words... "you can do anything" in which they believe without doubt. Here I am picking myself up and standing strong not only for my family but for my dear true friends.

I love this (my sister sent it to me) 
21 November, 2012

Excitement is an Understatement {a special announcement}

I am so excited to announce...

I have accepted a job at Hush Mobile Beauty Spa on the Gold Coast with a very special lady Jaymi! we have been working like crazy trying to get it all set up with Jaymi's mum who is also the owner of the company and runs the Canberra one! It has been so much fun getting everything ready from dropping brochures around, organising our products, the paperwork, our opening specials and finally our Facebook page which you can like over here. and that links up to the website here. Hush Mobile Beauty Spa has been doing so well in Canberra Lizzie & Vinii are fully booked till april next year! We only use the most beautiful Organic products made by Plant Essentials that smell Devine! so you must be thinking what else do we do? well you will have to check out our site and Facebook site to check out our beautiful treatments and special pamper parties that we do! we also do gift vouchers too especially with christmas coming up!! what a lovely present to pamper someone who truly needs it. I feel so honoured to be working for such a lovely company and lovely ladies!

If you have any questions or want more information please feel free to contact us on: Email: or Ph: 0415 108 405

16 November, 2012

Haris the Yaris

This week's end is coming at the slowest pace ever I feel like I have a constant headache which is return is making me so nauseous! what started off my hectic week was a car accident arghh that pissed off feeling that lingers... not really towards the woman that backed into my poor "Haris the Yaris" but rather that now I have to wait two weeks for my broom broom to go get fixed :( atleast I don't have to pay a cent! I hate that crushing feeling when something bad happens all you wanna do is crawl back into bed and pretend you haven't even woken up yet! now my never ending weekend just got a whole lot worse I worked 9am till 7:30pm today so thats not long to some but when it comes to doing beauty it fucking sucks!! tomorrow is just as hectic 7 massages in a row 2 are 90mins I want to cry & it hasn't even begin yet! 8:30am start can I really be bothered going to the farmers markets at 6am??? and one last day on Sunday seriously where is Monday!! I am pooped after my sucky week. Hubby has been the best this week I am so lucky he has been so good and keeping our house organised and cooking, cleaning & washing I owe him big time! & not to mention my beautiful neighbours bought me over Maltese's yep Dave & I have nearly devoured them already haha.

whats is your weekend looking like? hope it's better than mine!

13 November, 2012

Nan's Afternoon Delight

The girls are coming round for afternoon tea tomorrow for a long awaited catch up! unfortunately I didn't have much time to whip up a cake or cupcakes so I thought well one of my best friends is english she inspires me to love Tea parties she's so cute! so I purchased some T2 "Melbourne Breakfast" tea my favourite recommended by my awesome friend Van! and of course what goes with a good Tea my Nan's Lemonade Scones! when I look back on my childhood the one thing that stands out is driving to my Nan & Pop's house 2hrs out from Canberra at Bateman's Bay and arriving with the smell of my Nan's Lemonade scones they were always freshly baked with Butter, Jam & Cream we were spoilt! I miss my Nan's cooking! tomorrow will be extra special reliving this afternoon delight!

Nan's Lemonade Scones

2 cups SR Flour
1/2 small bottle of thickened cream
1/2 can lemonade
Jam of your choice!

1. Preheat oven to 200 Degrees, spray a deep baking dish with cooking spray
2. Mix lemonade and cream together, in a separate bowl add SR flour and make a well in the middle then add the cream & lemonade and combine.
3. Cut a plastic bag open, flour the bag and have extra flour on the side. Empty mixture onto the board pat hands in flour and pat down on mix to a square shape cut with a cookie cutter or use your lemonade can cut in half and cut out circles, place on well greased deep baking tray. 
4. Bake for 15-20mins or until golden, place on wire rack and wrap in tea towel to keep and when ready to eat place in oven to heat back up (so handy if your rushed for time!)

Thanks Nan!!

Bon Appetit

12 November, 2012

I didn't want to leave...

Last Sunday I jumped on a plane to see my Parents, Sister, Nephew & Niece I hadn't seen them since my wedding in May I was more than excited! how good does it feel spending quality time with your family with no work at all it was awesome! we did so much but most of all we all spent the day together for Dad's birthday I shouted him a round at the Golf Driving Range my nephew was the cutest he comes up with the darnest things! afterwards he said "Mummy your on 8, Nanny your on 10 and I'm on 38 and Killin' it" haha. Next we went to Cost Co I was in my element I would have bought sooooo many things if my suitcase had unlimited space!! seriously I can't wait for Cost Co to open on the Gold Coast I would love it you definitely need friends to share all the bargains though! The funniest thing that happened that day was my poor niece went to the top of the playground and was too frightened to come down who came to the rescue... Nanny I was in tears from laughing so hard watching Mum roll through all the obstacles haha and bless some of the Mums there giving her encouragement yep they had been there themselves scaling the playground. has that ever happened to you? I was a little shit as a child I bet that will happen all the time to me when I have kids hopefully Mum can fly up and rescue them cause i'm scared of heights haha! the weather was really nice in Canberra although I am definitely not use to the dry heat compared to the humidity. I didn't want to leave on friday night back to reality I had to come I did miss Dave but sometimes Mum & Dads cooking cant be beaten! I cannot wait to see them all again in February for my Brother and his gf baby to be born exciting times ahead!! two sister inlaws pregnant and ready to pop start of next year!! Dave & I love being Uncles & Auntie its so much fun!

When was your last holiday with your family? I wish they could happen all the time... :(