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26 November, 2012

Standing Strong

Sometimes people come into our lives and when we are surrounded by them we instantly become a better version of ourselves we think through problems in rational ways, we make plans to get fit & healthy, we dream big dreams, we help make those dreams feel more alive and closer than ever. Most of all we learn to love ourselves an inch more from words of encouragement from those most loved friendships that pick us up when we're down, fight the badies hand in hand, and conquer the world like giants. These friendships are so very close to my heart and without them I would not smile as big as I do, My heart would not be full of giving to those in need & my mind would be full of self doubt because honestly who doesn't believe a best friend's words... "you can do anything" in which they believe without doubt. Here I am picking myself up and standing strong not only for my family but for my dear true friends.

I love this (my sister sent it to me)