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12 November, 2012

I didn't want to leave...

Last Sunday I jumped on a plane to see my Parents, Sister, Nephew & Niece I hadn't seen them since my wedding in May I was more than excited! how good does it feel spending quality time with your family with no work at all it was awesome! we did so much but most of all we all spent the day together for Dad's birthday I shouted him a round at the Golf Driving Range my nephew was the cutest he comes up with the darnest things! afterwards he said "Mummy your on 8, Nanny your on 10 and I'm on 38 and Killin' it" haha. Next we went to Cost Co I was in my element I would have bought sooooo many things if my suitcase had unlimited space!! seriously I can't wait for Cost Co to open on the Gold Coast I would love it you definitely need friends to share all the bargains though! The funniest thing that happened that day was my poor niece went to the top of the playground and was too frightened to come down who came to the rescue... Nanny I was in tears from laughing so hard watching Mum roll through all the obstacles haha and bless some of the Mums there giving her encouragement yep they had been there themselves scaling the playground. has that ever happened to you? I was a little shit as a child I bet that will happen all the time to me when I have kids hopefully Mum can fly up and rescue them cause i'm scared of heights haha! the weather was really nice in Canberra although I am definitely not use to the dry heat compared to the humidity. I didn't want to leave on friday night back to reality I had to come I did miss Dave but sometimes Mum & Dads cooking cant be beaten! I cannot wait to see them all again in February for my Brother and his gf baby to be born exciting times ahead!! two sister inlaws pregnant and ready to pop start of next year!! Dave & I love being Uncles & Auntie its so much fun!

When was your last holiday with your family? I wish they could happen all the time... :(