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28 September, 2012

Grateful this fine Friday

For learning how to be more understanding of Husbands future decisions for us
Lazy days by my pool
Sunshine oh so much sunshine lately!
Babies! That are soon to bless two of my sister inlaws!!
Goals! For keeping things interesting and fun
My mother Inlaw for hemming my summer dress!!
Farmers Markets I love all the freshness & beautiful flowers!!

I'm pretty grateful for friends this week helping each other get through everything and keeping positive x x

27 September, 2012

Project Number One {SNEEK PREVIEW}


Project Number One

Brief: Desk for new Mac Book Laptop which needs to match in with lounge room & dinning as my place is open plan.
Colours: Anything along the lines of Grey, Yellow, White & Black
Style: Stylish Modern with a pop of colour
Budget: $275
Time Frame: Two Weeks

I'm loving at the moment the Ghost Chairs,the Occasional Chairs and the pop of Colour with a Lamp!
All Photo's are from Houzz & Pinterest for more looks check out my Pinterest Folder "Channelling  Dream Office" Link to the right of my page :)
26 September, 2012

Brucie's Chilli Con Carne

Brucie's chilli con carne

Dad has the best Chilli con carne but since he lives so far away I had to recreate it :( Dad and I both loveeeee chilli but with this recipe you can put as much or as little as you want! 

-500g lean mince (I love pork&veal rather than beef)
-2 tins of diced tomatoes
-1 Tin of red kidney beans
-1 Tsp garlic (I use garlic paste)
-1 tsp raw sugar
-1 tsp salt
-2 tsp chilli flakes
-2 tbs tomatoe paste

Cook the mince in a saucepan until cooked pop in the rest of the ingredients and stir until combined. Turn down the heat to med-low and let it simmer for 30mins cook rice with about 15mins to go and serve it on a bed of rice, delicious! Great to clean the sinuses especially when you have a cold or feeling run down! 

Bon Appetit!

It's character building

I've been thinking alot about my post yesterday and how much I love moving and decorating! In no way am I sentimental with my homes, furniture anything materialistic sure I love my things but I love new things more I love turning old things into new again. I didn't learn this on my own I had a very exciting childhood and what mum likes to call "character building" I have moved 17 times lived in 19 suburbs, repeated living in the same home 2times, moved interstate 5times And been to 6 different schools and this isn't just the case for me but for all my siblings my childhood consisted of renovating, gardening, decorating and styling I learnt my skills from my Mum and we have the biggest passion for it! When I was younger it was all about getting bricks for Dads paths, buying ponds for Dad to make, painting the outside of our houses we had blue, yellow, maroon trimmings you name it we probably tried. people would cringe at the idea but honestly we received so many compliments for my mums choice of colors we always had the coolest rooms growing up I wish my mum pursued interior design or interior styling. Now that I'm older mum & I swap furniture, quilts, our ideas, where to find bargains, and even though she now lives in Canberra we are thankful for FaceTime for our house tours when we buy something new! Most people that know me think how horrible that would have been moving so much and changing schools but honestly I probably made more friends in a year then they have in their lifetime I find it so easy to make friends and I really appreciate my parents for giving us kids the knowledge we have especially when it comes to buying houses and their ideas on saving money to buy houses, renovate and make a profit. I appreciate my Dad for teaching me how to paint, use tools, build a path, stain a deck, garden, build a pond and seriously so much more (obviously these skills have become so useful and I can teach Dave how to be a handyman!) and Mum for teaching me so many crafty things she is so talented, colour schemes, styling tips and tricks, gardening, bargain hunting and to go with my gut instinct! It is so hard for me to stay in one place I get so bored and always want to change everything and let's face it buying new furniture all the time and moving can rack up the cost very quickly I thoroughly believe in DIY and love helping my friends out with projects and their houses etc.. This is why this time I know we need to save on moving costs till we are ready for the biggest project of my life in the next few years and what a great time it is to buy with how cheaps places are going up here!!

So tell me how many houses have you lived in? Were your parents into renovating like mine? Do you love moving?

This was by far my favourite home we built I remember every weekend carrying so many bricks for my Dad to build the garage and the path out the back and Mum had so many roses out the front this is a pic after we sold it so its a bit blurry from the Internet.
25 September, 2012

Husband Knew Best

The one thing I struggle with on a daily basis is "patience" mostly because I dream big and I think of everything down to the smallest detail that I want to happen and sometimes the waiting game is the hardest to play. I think this time it was hard to swallow the dissapointment but I fully understood why and didn't fight it as much as I normally would because in this case Husband knew best. I know Dave can find it hard to say no to me because he wants to make me happy all the time what a great man he is but this time I knew before he even said something that it wasn't right timing I knew this time my heart wouldn't win over my head or Dave's for that matter. Moving out this November to a place close to the beach inst realistic money wise, timing wise and I think the hardest part about it is not about the puppy I dreamed of getting but the fact that we are now in that period of our lives where we want to buy a home for us; Husband & Wife to renovate to make our mark on to do what we are so passionate about all those Sunday drives looking at homes we want and the backyards we want our kids to grow up in one day where we would spend our days in our very own place I dream of our keys opening that front door and right now this waiting game sucks as my pinterest folders explode! but I know Dave is right! in order to get what we truly want the house in between doesn't matter, the 10min drive to the beach isn't really that far, we wont see our friends any less than what we do now and my beautiful puppy that I so much desire will be the right one when the universe lets us have one. I really admire Dave for trying his best to make me happy but honestly most of the time he is right and his ideas always have our best interest at heart, so Dave I am content & happy in living with you here until our dream is in reach and we grab it together in the next amazing chapter in our life we are building together. For now Dave & I will be... yes you guessed it Decorating! Handyman part 3 will be coming soon!! we have so many ideas for our 3 bedroom unit and we cant wait to start plotting them out and seeing our home evolve practice makes perfect right?! I still have hope for my Bunnings loving Handyman husband (well at least that's how I see him in my head!!) Lucky I have copious amounts of inspiration to flick through to pass this time! ha ha

Steph&Husband now has Facebook! pop over & say hi! I also added links to my pinterest and Google account too let me know what you think of my "Favourite Interior Things" pin board!!

24 September, 2012

#27 #28 superhero postcard challenge

Wendy happy birthday for today! forty & fabulous!! I hope you had a great day and got very spoilt, I'm kicking myself for not writing happy birthday on your postcard :( Wendy blogs over here and guess what? she is doing a 40 postcard challenge for her 40th birthday what a great project! make sure you head over to her site and pop your name down for a postcard after all who doesn't love snail mail! i know i do i cant wait to receive one in the mail!

Jenn blogs over here I found Jenn through Kate who posted Jenn & my links to her page about our postcard projects Jenn is doing the pantone and guess what came in the mail today a yellow one my favourite colour!! head on over to Jenn's page and pop your name down for a pantone postcard too! its the best project and I love reading her posts about all the people she has sent postcards too!
PS... I am so sorry I only read your postcard today and gave you wonder woman I hope she's okay but I have flash at home I think I need to send you two postcards to make up for it later on! ha ha

What's going on? Find out here. Send me an email to Join in!
23 September, 2012

Coconut Disaster {made with love}

The cookie jar is once again filled this time it was made with love by Husband yep Dave baked cookies now your probably like so who cares well... You see now my Husband gets very anxious when he is cooking he looses all ability of what "golden means", "when the butter knife comes out clean" he just doesn't get what they mean so he is forever asking me to come here just check these are they golden enough I just don't know seriously it sounds cute but not by the 50th time he asks you!

To top all his anxiety of baking off he can't stand "his" kitchen messy like seriously he doesn't let me wash dishes or clean whatsoever if he is home he hates it, it's like I'm stepping into his territory I try all the time but he just cracks the shits I think it's quite funny but that also makes him mad!

I got all the ingredients out Dave was making my all time favourite "condensed milk cookies" and I made his ultimate favourite "banana cake with Passionfruit icing" yes I did just makes one last week he scoffs the god damn thing so fast!!

I turned my back for literally a second yep Dave was trying to clean my cooking cupboard and spilt coconut all over himself I didn't even need coconut! This just proves he has oh so much OCD I guess I'm lucky I love to cook and create messy fun spontaneous cooking with all my favourite and new recipes all the time I could bake all day everyday and Dave well he loves to clean that is why he is the best store manager for Godfreys I think he should go into his own cleaning business! Opposites do attract he is pretty special even if he eats the cake before I even get a slice and yells at me for trying to clean at least he appreciates my baking right?

Coconut disaster averted! & look at those yummy goodies!

Belated Grateful's

I can't believe I missed Grateful's on Friday in fact I have been a little behind on my blog posts lately but if I have to be really honest I am actually Grateful for being busy it has been refreshing and fun! So this week I am grateful for...

*exercise {I have joined soul fit on Mondays & Thursdays I'm loving it}

*flowers {from the farmers market they are so beautiful every time!}

*real living {I love this magazine}

*candles {those sweet smells filling my home}

*step brothers {for making me laugh on the dullest days!}

*macaroons {the best gf food to ever be made}

What are you grateful this week or should I be saying last week eeek!

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