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17 September, 2012

I hate weekends

Yesterday was my first Sunday off In ages I went to meet my best friend for coffee and what should of been a 5-10min drive turned into like half an hour there was so much traffic, people everywhere and pretty much trying to park everywhere. The beach was packed and the cafes full and I started to reminence about my weekday weekend when I could easily find a park, the cafes had a seat for me and the beach was empty like your own slice of paradise sometimes I wonder when husband and I have kids are we ever going to be typical Monday to Friday weeks with the weekend off with the kids Im not even sure I want that? Tomorrow is Date Day I have been down a bit this week but more on that tomorrow, husband has told me that he wants to plan a romantic date for just the two of us I think he is pretty cute and to say I'm looking forward to it is an understatement!

So tell me do you love your weekends off or are you use to weekday weekends? I'm lucky cause Husband works weekends too.

I couldn't help but post of few pics of my best friend & I over the past 4 & 1/2 years


Kristin said...

I have worked both weekdays then weekends. I think I prefer to have days off in the middle of the week. Everything is so peaceful when there aren't hoards of people around!

Stephanie Winmill said...

So much better hey I hate massive crowds when all you want to do is relax! Thanks for the comment Kristen X