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13 September, 2012

I am okay R U?

Today is "R U OK" day and one that is close to my heart I've had to ask this question a few times to a few very close people to me and to myself to admit when I am really down for me to ask help to my husband, family and my close friends sometimes it's hard to admit your not okay but having someone there to listen to help you pick you up when your down. Maybe you could pour a cuppa, do some washing for them maybe they simply need help with housework, a day out of the house something so simple can really lift someone's spirits. One simple question can change someone's life everyone deserves the chance for help, for happiness, a fresh start. Today I'm helping a very close friend of mine with her house I've given her all my blue house decorations, a rug and a lamp we're going to change her lounge room, make a play room for her beautiful boy and just get her place in order I'm really excited I love giving I love the feeling that I am helping but most of all I love being there for everyone in my life that I love no matter what the circumstances are I'll always be there holding you up when you need me the most. That's what friends and family are for! So please today reach out to who needs it most ask them if they are ok.


Lee said...

What a sweet thing to do for a friend Steph. I hope you had a lovely day. x