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23 September, 2012

Coconut Disaster {made with love}

The cookie jar is once again filled this time it was made with love by Husband yep Dave baked cookies now your probably like so who cares well... You see now my Husband gets very anxious when he is cooking he looses all ability of what "golden means", "when the butter knife comes out clean" he just doesn't get what they mean so he is forever asking me to come here just check these are they golden enough I just don't know seriously it sounds cute but not by the 50th time he asks you!

To top all his anxiety of baking off he can't stand "his" kitchen messy like seriously he doesn't let me wash dishes or clean whatsoever if he is home he hates it, it's like I'm stepping into his territory I try all the time but he just cracks the shits I think it's quite funny but that also makes him mad!

I got all the ingredients out Dave was making my all time favourite "condensed milk cookies" and I made his ultimate favourite "banana cake with Passionfruit icing" yes I did just makes one last week he scoffs the god damn thing so fast!!

I turned my back for literally a second yep Dave was trying to clean my cooking cupboard and spilt coconut all over himself I didn't even need coconut! This just proves he has oh so much OCD I guess I'm lucky I love to cook and create messy fun spontaneous cooking with all my favourite and new recipes all the time I could bake all day everyday and Dave well he loves to clean that is why he is the best store manager for Godfreys I think he should go into his own cleaning business! Opposites do attract he is pretty special even if he eats the cake before I even get a slice and yells at me for trying to clean at least he appreciates my baking right?

Coconut disaster averted! & look at those yummy goodies!


Redcliffe Style said...

Haha, I love the description of your husband in the kitchen. I can't watch my husband because he follows the recipe to the letter. Even if the cake is on fire, he would say "no it has to be in for another 10 mins'. I am a go with my gut girl and it usually works out pretty well. Recipes are just for inspiration. Really lovely blog. Rachel xx

Ms George {Life at the Coop} said...

all that cooking looks fantastic! i think i might bake the same condensed milk cookies...the recipe is from a cookbook my primary school put together back in the 90s.

your lucky he attempts to bake. i get told off for cooking sweet treats as my fiance tells me i'm turning him into a "fat boy". neither of us have any self control around food!

anyway, i happen to like his ginger ghetto booty!