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03 September, 2012

Hubby the Researcher of all things Ebay

I love how my Husband secretly bids on so many eBay things if I ever want something he is such a researcher I always joke that he's such a tightass maybe he is but honestly he wins everytimes not in every bid but wins at bargaining this quality I admire because those who know me best I am the biggest homewares bargainer out there! Sometimes it's even by accident when it scans up cheaper those are the best days! We just finished a long weekend here I had a postal pickup card in my car for three days! I am impatient! My parcel was finally there after my second trip then stupidly I decided to check my mail box yep two more parcels to pick up! Let's just say the post office ladies think I'm the best housewife coming back three times today normal people would have waited tEBayill tomorrow to pick up the other two but to me postal pickups is like trying sleep on Christmas eve I get way to excited!! So far I have new foundation from Mac way cheaper than Myer! And new battery & cord for my laptop until we buy my Mac Laptop yay! I am still awaiting perfume you should see how much Husband gets 100mls for holy shit! A Mac lipstick, An iPad case & an iPhone case wahoo hurry up overseas mail!!

What was the last thing you got at a bargain price? Are you a EBay Lover?