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01 September, 2012

I love my Dad because...

I am so lucky to have you as my Dad I was such a handful since the day I was born I still blame the allergy to asthma medicine I swear! But hopefully I have grown into the woman you are proud to call your daughter, hope you have a really good day tomorrow I am so proud of you and your golf handicap you have finally lost the nickname "aqua man" hehe. Hopefully Mum makes you a awesome breakfast not the other way around! Love you bucket loads and more X

What I love the most about Dad

-he has the best Dad jokes & humor just like mine!
-he reads my blog daily
-he makes my favourite Berry Ice Cream
-he is the best baker of all things sweet that I know!
-he loves bunnings as much as I do!!
-he is the only handyman I know & a great one too!
-he loves bread, coffee & sweets as much as I do
-he loves his dinner before 6pm like me!
-he walked me down the aisle
-he loves my hair curly & insists on spelling me name as "stef"
-he said yes when Dave asked him for his blessing to marry me
-he is wise
-he use to be a rally driver

Most of all he is the best Dad for being a Dad to Simon, Tim & Carly!