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18 September, 2012

Wifey gets a nice surprise on Date Day!

Husband promised Wifey a cute and romantic Date Day, we sung along to my Ipod well Dave did anyway... all the way to Mt Tambourine it was a cloudy drizzling kinda day but I kinda liked it. I could smell all the wood fires burning, the trees were dripping in tiny droplets of rain and oh the wisteria there was so much of that beautiful plant I couldn't help but taken a million pictures. The houses were beautiful too they had the most gorgeous cottages and one had all these fruit trees next to it I definitely want them in my dream garden! I felt like I was driving through "Pinterest" it was like flower porn! we drove back from Mt Tambourine in the drizzling rain and stopped by my favourite zaraffas they even gave us free coffee vouchers #winning! down to the beach we went to finish off the day with a surf club meal! or I like to say a Cold one ha ha! Today was just like the first few weeks I started dating Dave we use to go for road trips to the sunshine coast, blasting our Ipod with the windows down laughing and just enjoying each other I love those days today was pretty special it's been a tough week with tomorrow being 1year since my Aunty Lyn passed away and Dave knew exactly what I needed some fun just the two of us like the good old days. By the end of our lunch the sunshine and high risers started poking through the fog, I sure hope tomorrow is beach weather for our last day off together!

How cute is my dream catcher Dave got for my Car I'm in love with it! its from Mt Tambourine


Anne @ Domesblissity said...

You guys look like you had more rain than us here in Brissy. We could've done with a lot more. Looks like a nice day anyway Steph!

Anne xx

Tessa White said...

Cute dream catcher.. that wysteria is stunning and now I need to know what the tattoo on your foot says or is ? x

Stephanie Winmill said...

Thanks Tessa! It was the cutest store where I got the dream catcher! I have a couple tattoos the one on my hip says "eternity" which symbolizes my family are always there for me forever whenever I need them. And the one on my foot is a dragon fly with "beautiful" written under it which reminds me that life is beautiful :) my best friend has the same foot tattoo as me

I tried to find your email to reply to you but I can't find it on your blog :(
Steph x