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16 September, 2012

The man behind Steph&Husband

What I love about my husband

-he takes an interest in my passion for interior design I catch him watching all the house shows on lifestyle channels hehe
-he has finally stopped fighting the urge of Sunday drives to look at dream homes and homes we wish we could renovate
-he loves my family and talks to them all the time just as if he's known them his whole life
-he is never shy there is never a awkward moment when meeting new people
-he makes my lunch and breakfast and writes funny messages on my bag "back of bitches Stephs lunch only" or "I hope your enjoy your lunch wifey love husband" it's pretty cute even if I get a million weird looks!
-he has always insisted I grab my dream career and do whatever makes me happy
-I taught him to cook and now his chicken snitzels are better than mine
-I secretly absolutely love his passion that he has for sport
-I love that we are both Aries and our birthdays are 4days apart spending our birthday week together is so much fun every year!
-I love that when I tell him something he takes weeks to admit that I am right and when he finally does we get to enjoy those things together like coffee yes he resisted it his whole life!!
-I love watching him with my nieces and nephews he is a natural I wish he had pursued P.E primary school teacher he would of been great
-I love that he taught me the importance of working hard and not calling in sick he was the reason I made management so quick in my last Job
-I love how he is as happy as I am
-I love that we have fun together and he let's me win at wrestling
-I love his nicknames for me, bub, bugaboo, spiffy but I secretly love when "honey" slips in from time to time
-I love all his love letters but most of all I love that he has kept everyone that I wrote him since I was 17 in his bed side table I also love that he has a photo of me in his wallet
-I love that he taught me to drive and was there for my L's, P's, and open license, my 18th and 21st and each milestone he made sure I knew he was proud.
-I love his poem when he proposed I still ask him to tell me again and again
-I love that he tells me I'm too beautiful to cry but still let's me get it out of my system and knows that chocolate and cuddles usually helps... A lot!
-I love that everyone loves him because he is just too nice and perfect and always there for everyone always

The one thing I love about Dave more than anything in this world is that I get the privilege to call him not only my best friend but my Husband and he always let's me know I am his wifey, his best friend and one day the mother of his children. Dave Thankyou for being you!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like the perfect guy, he must of copied me :P love u too wife