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21 September, 2012

Free Exercise

Life just got busy with so many fun things to do! I love it I've only been working Friday, Saturday and Sunday For a while lately so it's been fun to catch up with friends and start some exercise! Yesterday my friend Terri and I started a boxing circuit group and the best part of it all is its FREE! How good is that Monday and Thursdays for an hour, Terri and I haven't exercised properly in years and the ladies were so friendly and welcoming its was so much fun! Afterwards we bought some boxing gloves and hats and we can't wait to go back on Monday! I have woken up with the sorest hip and neck lucky we are both beauty therapists I think massages are in order haha! We have had the most beautiful weather the last two days so sunny and hot it was great Dave & I even sun baked by the pool! Today is going to be 27 again but I'm glad I'm going to be inside with air con I got a bit of heat stroke yesterday never exercising without a hat again!! Hope everyone has a great weekend! I have lots planned and I'm really looking forward to it!

Happy Friday!