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05 September, 2012

Date Day Spring Style

Anything with bunnings in the same sentence I am there! So today was a pretty fricken awesome day in my eyes I think one of our best Date days so far! I always wake up really early when I know I'm going to do something I love but I knew Dave wanted to sleep in so I was actually nice this morning and let him till 9! that way grumpy Dave wouldn't surface for the whole day! #winning After our morning coffee (no start to a fun day is complete without my Nespresso coffee! I'm hooked on Romas atm) and off to Bunnings we went. Its spring so I want colour and yummy veggies in my garden ASAP!

We bought Lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, marigolds, strawberries, carnations, petunias and the cutest pot I found for only $20 bargain. I can't wait to start eating all my fresh veggies and fruit!! I sure do love my gardening! Check out my Yukka I bought one for $3 at Ikea 2 years ago and look how massive it has got now! And my bonsai tree my Dad passed on to me was nearly dead yes Dad it totally was! And I have bought it back to life it's doing so well so many new leaves. The chilli plant is starting to flower and my basil and spring onions are growing fast! Pansies popping up everywhere life in this garden is good or should I say pots (I'm still dreaming of the day I buy a house and have the best raised garden bed full of veggies, maybe I need to let my inspiration run wild on pinterest tonight).

After our gardening session we popped over to grilled for some lunch seriously it should not be so close to my house cause the burgers are to die for so fresh and yummy I have never had a bad one! Then to the movies to watch Expendables 2 with our friend Steve (yes I crashed the man date but this movie was right up my alley! ha ha). To say the movie was awesome is a understatement!! Chuck Norris you are da man!! It's definitely worth going to see it if your into action movies which I grew up watching you will love it!

Back home In time for a BBQ on my Weber Q yummy, Gold Coast was definitely showing off today for the first time in forever I didn't even need to wear a jumper! It was just beautiful!

What are you planting in your garden/pots? Any good movies you've seen lately?

Hope you all had a good day!


ally said...

Your pots look great!!!
I saw the Sapphires and loved it...I'm not a chuck Norris girl
I'd love a postcard...we should swap addresses

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

I saw the Sapphires too, excellent, EXCELLENT!!
Loving the balcony & hunky husband, look at your beautiful life. Our barrels are filling up with Spring herbs & vegetables, just waiting for tomatoes, basil & chillies to come in at the Farmer's Market (it's Canberra, bit cold still) to plant this weekend. We're even purchasing a new chicken, so excited, very yokel, love it!! Love Posie

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Oh the postcards, yes please, not sure if the email sent, got that "bigpond can't connect' annoying message, argh!!
Posie PO Box 193 Campbell ACT 2612 please, thanks, love Posie

Stephanie Winmill said...

I must go see sapphires too then! Thankyou I think I'm growing out of my balcony haha yeah my mum lives in Canberra said its been really windy she is waiting for her nectarine and peach tree to grow. How good our chillies! Mine have just flowered waiting for the chillies to come through now yay!! Oo chicken I wish I could have eggs on hand! Thanks for your address I'll pop it into the mail box :)