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25 September, 2012

Husband Knew Best

The one thing I struggle with on a daily basis is "patience" mostly because I dream big and I think of everything down to the smallest detail that I want to happen and sometimes the waiting game is the hardest to play. I think this time it was hard to swallow the dissapointment but I fully understood why and didn't fight it as much as I normally would because in this case Husband knew best. I know Dave can find it hard to say no to me because he wants to make me happy all the time what a great man he is but this time I knew before he even said something that it wasn't right timing I knew this time my heart wouldn't win over my head or Dave's for that matter. Moving out this November to a place close to the beach inst realistic money wise, timing wise and I think the hardest part about it is not about the puppy I dreamed of getting but the fact that we are now in that period of our lives where we want to buy a home for us; Husband & Wife to renovate to make our mark on to do what we are so passionate about all those Sunday drives looking at homes we want and the backyards we want our kids to grow up in one day where we would spend our days in our very own place I dream of our keys opening that front door and right now this waiting game sucks as my pinterest folders explode! but I know Dave is right! in order to get what we truly want the house in between doesn't matter, the 10min drive to the beach isn't really that far, we wont see our friends any less than what we do now and my beautiful puppy that I so much desire will be the right one when the universe lets us have one. I really admire Dave for trying his best to make me happy but honestly most of the time he is right and his ideas always have our best interest at heart, so Dave I am content & happy in living with you here until our dream is in reach and we grab it together in the next amazing chapter in our life we are building together. For now Dave & I will be... yes you guessed it Decorating! Handyman part 3 will be coming soon!! we have so many ideas for our 3 bedroom unit and we cant wait to start plotting them out and seeing our home evolve practice makes perfect right?! I still have hope for my Bunnings loving Handyman husband (well at least that's how I see him in my head!!) Lucky I have copious amounts of inspiration to flick through to pass this time! ha ha

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Yakatey Yak said...

This is a cute post :) Good luck with the decorating! I love that first book about small spaces and making the most of them, I always go into IKEA to look at how they make the most use of the walls and storage solutions. It's so clever! Have fun with it :)