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11 September, 2012

#24 #25 #26 Superhero Postcard Challenge

Bayden, Cadel, Keoni & Tilly I have watched you grow up, getting taller, getting wiser, getting cheekier, getting smarter and cuter by the years I adore you all and love spending time with you. you finally have a sister and a beautiful one she is! Make sure you look after Tilly when your big strong handsome men a sister is something to treasure and hold close to your hearts and in return she will unconditionally love her big older brothers just like your aunty Stephy does to her older brothers.

Anne & Robert are my Aunty & Uncle on Dad's side I definitely got my blonde curly hair from Dad's side Anne has it too and I love it! Their daughter Jennifer just had her wedding on Saturday and what a beautiful bride she made!! I wish you guys didn't live so far away! but I sure do love visiting Adelaide I think I always have ever since I was a little girl! I hope this postcard finds you well and I definitely hope I get to make it in January! have a good week! Miss you! x (ps who is the favourite now? still Dad?) haha

Mark & Carol are my Uncle & Aunty, they make me miss melbourne! I had heaps of fun catching up with you both what a lovely night it was! any night with the Weber Q is a great one haha! so I haven't spoken to Dad yet but I will be disspointed in you both if I don't hear funny stories invovling Wine & Dad Jokes! and Dad's laugh oh wait your laugh is the same Mark! yep everyone knows your brothers straight away! oh poor Carol & Mum haha! hope to catch up soon when we come for a visit to Melbourne again!

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posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

So excited Steph, i received my post card on Thursday, it's so cool, my son asked how i knew a super hero, too cute??!! I raced out to get some hooks so i can pop it on my pin board & finally put my pin board UP!! Thanks honey, it was so lovely to read, your have lovely things to say (shucks) & beautiful writing, love Posie