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18 September, 2012

Wind beneath my wings

Dearest Aunty Lyn,

It's been one year, I miss you so much and everyday that has gone past hasn't made it easier I'm still waiting to wake up from the nightmare, for the cure to come, I was hoping that when I looked at my right when I walked down the aisle you would be sitting there with a smile on your face. Instead mum wore your necklace and I had your pearl one around my flowers you were close in our hearts Thankyou for the beautiful sunshine you gave us on our wedding day I knew you were watching over me it was a perfect day. Your pearl necklace hangs on my bedroom door like the guardian angel you are protecting me while I sleep. Don't worry about Kristy & Paul, Mum is looking out for them, keeping them close she has a lot of love in her heart for them she always will. Nan & Pop miss you so much I won't lie it's hard somedays but Mum & Dad are doing the most wonderful job looking after them they are both smiling again they come and stay with Mum and Dad and they love the company. They planted a rose bush for you on the golf course I haven't been to see it yet but I would like to in November I bet it's beautiful. Mum is really brave and strong but I know she misses you the most it breaks my heart im glad she is in Canberra with Carly, Nan & Pop and her friends she deserves all the happiness in the world she is honestly everyone's rock and Dad is hers. I remember so much of my childhood at your house playing with Ace I still chuckle that he was way to friendly and didn't pass his police dog test I hope he waited for you up there. I remember walking from our house to yours and passing yours on the way home from school, the trampoline in your backyard, you cool colorful lights in the courtyard, your house always being as neat as Mum & Nan's and your thoughtfulness you never missed calling me on my birthday, sending me cards and buying me flowers for all the important occasions. We all miss you and not a day goes by where we don't think of you I know you wanted "wind beneath my wings" played at your funeral and we didn't cause we cried too much already but the wind went crazy when we didn't I knew that was you saying your last goodbye just like your last words to me "I love you too" I love you Aunty Lyn rest in peace and look after us all.

"Did I ever tell you you're my hero?You're everything, everything I wish I could be
Oh, and I, I could fly higher than an eagle
For you are the wind beneath my wings'Cause you are the wind beneath my wings"