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31 August, 2012

A cheer of grateful

This week has been a hard one what does one do when money is tight, hours are less, no family close and friends mainly get weekends off I think I drove husband crazy when he got home I was so excited for the company so excited to see my best friend poor husband just wanted to watch sport, news and chill out on the couch. I did do about a thousand loads of washing, gardening, dishes yes holy shit I did dishes! There must be something wrong with me! Winter is finally over tomorrow I whole heartily welcome spring but these magpies are scarying the shit out of me!! Nevertheless I always like to keep happy, keep smiling cause honestly "shit happens" and there is definitely someone out there worse of then me which always makes me appreciate what am I grateful for this week?

-Dave I am one lucky Wifey you are truly my best friend
-long distant calls to family who forever offer their support
-friends for always helping me out & just being there for me
-beach oh how I've missed your feeling of calm
-sunshine on my days off
-joys of baby news, miracles, filling everyone with love
-goals, future, plans & the love of unknown spontaneous

What are you grateful for? What makes you smile and cheers you up?


Tessa White said...

This week I was grateful for small comforts and I agree it is hard sometimes to find things to be grateful for but really it is all around us we just have to look x

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous list and gorgeous photos - and I love the quote about marriage - so true :)

Elisa {with grace and eve} said...

Gorgeous images & gratefuls. Today's sunshine and time to soak it up always cheers me up x