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15 August, 2012

#1 - Superhero Postcard Challenge

I sent Wonder Woman all the way to 9yr old Bella her powers include superhuman strength, flight, super speed, super stamina and super agility a warrior princess of the Amazons! Bella's mum is Lisa she blogs over here and has a home studio which she designs and creates jewellery for Her label "Zen Designs" I'm lucky enough to receive some charms from Lisa In the mail which I'm very excited about! Pop over to her page and say hi!

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Lisa@RandomActsOfZen said...

You gorgeous girl!! Wonder Woman just arrived in the mail, and Bella was so excited to receive such a special delivery. She can't wait to try the gorgeous recipe you included! Thank you sweetie xx

Stephanie Winmill said...

Aww I'm glad she liked it! Your welcome anytime :)
Let me know how the cookies turn out!

Steph :)