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16 August, 2012

#2 #3 #4 - Superhero Postcard Challenge

Kristy is my cousin she is jet setting off to Paris I am so jealous!! I sent her Flash as she will be dashing through Paris too Corny haha! Kristy lives in Sydney as a lawyer she has done so well for herself! I knew kristy would appreciate snail mail she always gives the most original presents she sent me "husband do's and dont's" and "wife do's and dont's" I love them!! I think I over read the husband do's to Dave too much haha. I thought I'd return the favour with a postcard :)

Jeremy - Dave & I use to live with Jeremy we were Roomies! Back when I was 17 woah we have all grown up so much it was very surreal at my wedding seeing how far we have all come! Jeremy has a band called Miacarla check it out on Facebook Here which has several links to their twitter and website! It's so crazy seeing Jeremy grow up into such an amazing man! He has done so well for himself, back in the day Dave & Jeremy use to fight over who is Batman and who is Robbin yep I still think Dave is Robbin haha! I knew you would love this postcard the best so it's coming your way :)

Suze was our very talented wedding photographer but most of one of our closest friend Dave & Suze have known each other for seriously like their whole teenage years at high school yep I was still in primary school haha! Suze recently moved to Melbourne to pursue her photography career even further she is currently doing property photography her websites Here and Here  which has some of our wedding photos yay! I hope she enjoys Melbourne I am oh so jealous!! Suze I am sending you Superman with a key I thought it pretty well resembles the key to a new place in Melbourne yay!!

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