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01 August, 2012

Life's Events and Miracles

Have had a busy last few days off! Had a going away movie night for one of my best friend Anna she is going to work on a cruise ship for 9months so lucky I am going to miss her heaps!! We went and saw Magic Mike and holy shit Channing Tatums wife is one lucky woman!!

Next Dave and I finally got a new washing machine it gets delivered on Friday yay and FINALLY my couch will be here on Monday oh my god I know who gets excited over furniture but seriously I do... Finally all the decorating I've done will look so complete :)

Yesterday I hung out with my Sister in laws to drop of my nephew Bayden's birthday present he is 8 I seriously don't know where Time has gone! I got a photo last night of him posing with our presents and his awkward smile (he lost his front tooth) so cute!! Makes me miss hanging out with my sister!!

Finally today I have time to make my Banana and Raspberry loaf I have been letting my bananas get very brown hehe, this will be my first gluten free baking attempt so fingers crossed it works!!

One last surprise my Brother and his girlfriend (I already call her my sister inlaw hehe) are expecting their first bubba and I am oh so excited!! It's due 11th Feb wahoo! So congrats guys love you heaps and heaps! And I can't wait to be an Auntie Stephy again!!