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17 August, 2012


This week I'm grateful for...

- Mistakes {without them I would never grasp growing}
- Hairdressers {without mine I wouldn't feel fabulous with a whole new look}
- Sunshine {my sister posted a pic of it snowing in Canberra glad I wasn't there!!}
- Learning {being able to have choices in where you want your life to go}
- Kisses {when Dave shaves his beard and doesn't hurt me with pash rash}
- Nespresso Shop {Thankyou for finally realizing George Clooney is onto something and putting a store oh so close to me}
- Photos {for years to come the memories will still flood in}

Everyone seems a little grey, a little meh and a little blue but sometimes life is hard and curve balls come in all directions but if you don't experience the Downs how will you ever know to be truly grateful when the Ups come passing by? One smile to a stranger can be passed on a thousand times.

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Im grateful for you wifey

Love Dave (aka batman not robin)

Lee said...

I love the one smile to a stranger can be passed on a thousand times. Lovely. Seems like there is a fair bit of blurgh going around at the moment so it is nice to reflect on the good bits.

Lisa@RandomActsOfZen said...

Always grateful for anything to do with coffee :)