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18 August, 2012

#5 #6 - Superhero Postcard Challenge

Carla blogs over at 365 Letters I love looking at all the mail she gets from all over the world some seriously creative people! Carla also has the cutest Etsy Stores which are here and here. Go check them out! Carla loves receiving mail so I thought who better to send a superhero postcard to! sorry my envelope is super plain I must really try to be more creative with them!

Jennifer is my cousin she is getting married in September ah so close!! I am so excited for her and now I won't be the only grandchild who is married on Dad's side of the family yay! Jen is going to the most stunning bride I still remember coming to Adelaide when I was younger and all I ever wanted to do was go shopping with Jen yep she was the "awesome" cousin. I hope your day goes perfectly and welcome to wedded bliss I thought this postcard was the best because Phil will always catch you :) Congrats guys!

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