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08 August, 2012

Tradition with a hell of a view!

Date Day is honestly my favourite thing tradition! by the time I finally get a day off with Dave (sometimes our days off together don't come around for weeks!) I get super excited so much so Dave pretends to be asleep for an extra half an hour and makes me wait!! unlike me I am up at 8am, breakfast finished, getting dressed and ready to get out and do something together. We have been quite lucky with the weather up here on the Gold Coast and today was no exception it was just like our perfect weather on our wedding day! I can't believe it's only 3 glorious weeks till spring yay!

Today we made our way to the shopping centre to pay off some of my lay by and stumbled across (OK I dragged Dave) to the housewares and found Salt & Pepper my favourite brand and oh gosh look at my new salad bowl I am in love!! they had the cutest dinner set too and butler tray and oh so much more I had to be restrained and Dave hid my eftpos card!! after all that wanting and wishing for that dinner set to be mine it was off to grab a coffee we headed to the beach at the cutest cafe called "The beach shack" at Currumbin, the views were oh so pretty and my mocha was delicious!! I love trying out new cafes and this one is definitely on the top of my list.

We ventured over to Tugun where Dave took me to have a look through a town house in the cutest complex I think we have found our perfect place to rent next! the one we are currently in its on the top floor up four flights of stairs, no bath tub and I have outgrown my balcony! and most of all I am ready for a puppy and backyard!! we are going to put in a application come November, fingers crossed! it is just so perfect! we are so excited to get a puppy that we prematurely went to play with some at the pet shop ah so adorable I didn't even want to leave!! any help on some breeds? we need one that doesn't shed much hair as Dave is totally OCD on cleaner hence why he is a Store Manager at Godfrey's ha ha!!

Bunnings made an appearance into my day, in case you haven't read before I am forever taking Dave into Bunnings yep just hoping one day he will catch onto this thing called "handyman" yep i am so hopeful maybe its time dad came back up here for Handyman 101 tips! i did end up buying some more pansies (mum is in so much trouble for getting me addicted to their beautiful colour!!) and a pretty lavender plant.

Lunch today had more glorious views as we scoped out our new little neighbourhood if we move A+ in my books! anything close to my friends and the beach is always going to come out winning!! all in all i think our date day was more productive than romantic! but we are both very excited about the future!! me.. I'm just more exciting about a new place to decorate!! yep I got stuck with my parents addiction to moving and change i am not sentimental at all to anything materialistic, i love to decorate, I love new places to live and i wont even begin to tell you how many places I've lived in I'm only 21 and its pretty much around that ha ha! this time we are going to hire a removalist!! any suggestions on removalist that are reasonably priced??

Here are some shit loads of photos of our day together & those views it really makes me appreciate how beautiful the Gold Coast really is!

Dave & I before we left home
"The Beach Shack" cafe in Currumbin
View from top of Dbah
View from top of Dbah

View from Dbah
Lizard at Dbah so many of them!

Husband & I after lunch! look at that weather!!

Dbah Cafe best hot chips I've had!

How cute is this shop!!

Views from Froggies Beach

I do love the Gold Coast

My amazing Mocha from "The Beach Shack"
Best Juice ever from "dbah cafe"
Hot Chippies!
Breakfast sounded so good! we got there too late :( 


My "Salt & Pepper" salad bowl amazinggg!
Dave's attempt at photography hahaha!
My new pansies!


Sarah Noel said...

What an incredible getaway! Looks like so, so, so much fun!

the Reverie blog

Stephanie Winmill said...

Yeah it's so lovely here I'm always working and often forget we even have the beach haha!

Deb @ home life simplified said...

Gorgeous photos - we are up in brisbane but in the summer especially Currumbin is where we head to the beach - love it!

Mother Down Under said...

I love Currumbin!
We haven't been in forever but we always used to take our dog for a swim there. This post reminds me that we are probably due for a trip!

Looks like a lovely weekend!