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29 August, 2012

#16 #17 Superhero Postcard Challenge

Dad it's only fair I send you one for Fathers Day he & Mum are my biggest fans they always said I should keep writing I use to write so many letters and stories growing up. Dad has always supported me in whatever I wanted to do he would drive me to acting classes, found me an agent, drove me to dance lessons, hid in the back row of my netball games yep I was horrific at sport besides dancing ha ha! Taught me how to bake the most delicious things, taught me how to be a handy woman he was obviously psychic and knew I would marry a not so handyman! and taught me how to garden. Dad made sure he had sourced every opportunity for whatever careers we wanted to pursue and even to this day he is still giving me career advice, money advice, life lessons he is my tree of wisdom! I appreciate everything you have done for us Dad I miss you more everyday and can't to see you in November!

Scarlett is one of my oldest friends from school I was always at her house watching scary movies, being the naughty ones at our sleepovers and drawing on everyone's faces with lipstick when they fell asleep ha ha! We also made her brother Erin make us Terriyaki Chicken yum I miss those days! Scarlett loves Superman so hopefully she likes her postcard! Scarlett's brother Erin is also doing a Golf Day for Cystic Fibrosis which Scarlett & Erin have so if you can help out with a donation or even turning up on the day would be great the detail are on this site here.

What am I doing? Find out here. Want a postcard send me an email and I'll send a superhero your way!


Anne @ Domesblissity said...

Nice to meet you here Steph! Always great seeing what you're up to on Instagram.

Anne xx