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03 August, 2012

Grateful this week

This week I'm grateful for...

+ deep heat for those days I'm constantly on my feet
+ having a work friend for gluten free advice {savior}
+ tax money that bought me a new washing machine & paid off my lounge hooray!
+ gumtree & Facebook for free advertising {selling my old stuff was a breeze}
+ date days/nights {Perfect time for DIY projects}
+ Flowers in all their glory brightening up my house!
+ Family Inlaw nights {they always laugh at jokes}
+ bora bora the one place I'm dying to visit!
+ mon, tues, wed {my 3 day weekend every week while it lasts...}
+ clean sheets {how can you ever be in a bad mood with clean sheets!}
+ this week I'm especially grateful for learning how to let go of the negative things and just believe in myself


Bachelor Mum said...

I'd love to go to Bora Bora too. It looks magic! My mate has started a beautiful website called which is dedicated to gluten free - she also wrote a book on the same. Check it out for gorgeous recipes and encouragement x

Maxabella said...

OMG, I need to go there too!! Stat!!

Wouldn't it be lovely. And there would be clean sheets there every day if we wanted them and we wouldn't have to be the ones washing them and putting them on the line and taking them off the line and putting them on the bed! x

Stephanie Winmill said...

Thankyou what a beautiful website your friend has! Its going to help me heaps with recipes :)

I am savings my money hardcore so I can go there with hubby! Ahh those sheets I would never come home...!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Bora Bora is beautiful.
I love your list - especially the last one.:)

Sarah Evans said...

I am with you on the clean sheets - everything seems better on clean sheets I think :)

Visiting via Village Voices :)


tahlia @ the parenting files said...

i had to quickly flick through those photos as i just knew I would be envious of such a place and want to be there again... seems so long ago that i was there on my honeymoon! x

Stephanie Winmill said...

Thalia you went there for your honeymoon! Now I'm the one who is super jealous it must have been amazing!! How long did you spend there?