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28 November, 2012

Creative Wifey: The Butterfly Effect

This was the cheapest home decorating ever! Instead of spending heaps on art work or frames for pictures I decided to grab some coloured cardboard in the colours of my room as my walls are pretty bland and we are renting so it had to be something that was easy to get off the wall as well.

What you will need:

Blue tack


1. Cut out Template and trace on the cardboard of your choice I had Black as my base colour and then added pops of yellow, charcoal & silver to tie in with the rest of my room.

2. Cut around the tracing and fold butterflies in half. Decided how you would like your butterflies placed I got my inspiration off Serena's bedroom in Gossip Girl with the circle and butterflies flying out.

3. Stick on your wall and scatter your coloured ones around so they are not all together and your done!!

below is some templates I used that you can print out and use :)