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16 November, 2012

Haris the Yaris

This week's end is coming at the slowest pace ever I feel like I have a constant headache which is return is making me so nauseous! what started off my hectic week was a car accident arghh that pissed off feeling that lingers... not really towards the woman that backed into my poor "Haris the Yaris" but rather that now I have to wait two weeks for my broom broom to go get fixed :( atleast I don't have to pay a cent! I hate that crushing feeling when something bad happens all you wanna do is crawl back into bed and pretend you haven't even woken up yet! now my never ending weekend just got a whole lot worse I worked 9am till 7:30pm today so thats not long to some but when it comes to doing beauty it fucking sucks!! tomorrow is just as hectic 7 massages in a row 2 are 90mins I want to cry & it hasn't even begin yet! 8:30am start can I really be bothered going to the farmers markets at 6am??? and one last day on Sunday seriously where is Monday!! I am pooped after my sucky week. Hubby has been the best this week I am so lucky he has been so good and keeping our house organised and cooking, cleaning & washing I owe him big time! & not to mention my beautiful neighbours bought me over Maltese's yep Dave & I have nearly devoured them already haha.

whats is your weekend looking like? hope it's better than mine!