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13 November, 2012

Nan's Afternoon Delight

The girls are coming round for afternoon tea tomorrow for a long awaited catch up! unfortunately I didn't have much time to whip up a cake or cupcakes so I thought well one of my best friends is english she inspires me to love Tea parties she's so cute! so I purchased some T2 "Melbourne Breakfast" tea my favourite recommended by my awesome friend Van! and of course what goes with a good Tea my Nan's Lemonade Scones! when I look back on my childhood the one thing that stands out is driving to my Nan & Pop's house 2hrs out from Canberra at Bateman's Bay and arriving with the smell of my Nan's Lemonade scones they were always freshly baked with Butter, Jam & Cream we were spoilt! I miss my Nan's cooking! tomorrow will be extra special reliving this afternoon delight!

Nan's Lemonade Scones

2 cups SR Flour
1/2 small bottle of thickened cream
1/2 can lemonade
Jam of your choice!

1. Preheat oven to 200 Degrees, spray a deep baking dish with cooking spray
2. Mix lemonade and cream together, in a separate bowl add SR flour and make a well in the middle then add the cream & lemonade and combine.
3. Cut a plastic bag open, flour the bag and have extra flour on the side. Empty mixture onto the board pat hands in flour and pat down on mix to a square shape cut with a cookie cutter or use your lemonade can cut in half and cut out circles, place on well greased deep baking tray. 
4. Bake for 15-20mins or until golden, place on wire rack and wrap in tea towel to keep and when ready to eat place in oven to heat back up (so handy if your rushed for time!)

Thanks Nan!!

Bon Appetit


Mother Down Under said...

I have been looking for a good scone recipe...I will have to try these!
I am having some mommy friends around next week for afternoon tea and I bet they would be perfect!