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24 September, 2012

#27 #28 superhero postcard challenge

Wendy happy birthday for today! forty & fabulous!! I hope you had a great day and got very spoilt, I'm kicking myself for not writing happy birthday on your postcard :( Wendy blogs over here and guess what? she is doing a 40 postcard challenge for her 40th birthday what a great project! make sure you head over to her site and pop your name down for a postcard after all who doesn't love snail mail! i know i do i cant wait to receive one in the mail!

Jenn blogs over here I found Jenn through Kate who posted Jenn & my links to her page about our postcard projects Jenn is doing the pantone and guess what came in the mail today a yellow one my favourite colour!! head on over to Jenn's page and pop your name down for a pantone postcard too! its the best project and I love reading her posts about all the people she has sent postcards too!
PS... I am so sorry I only read your postcard today and gave you wonder woman I hope she's okay but I have flash at home I think I need to send you two postcards to make up for it later on! ha ha

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5childrenand IT said...

Thank you so much for Batman who arrived today!

Thanks for the birthday wishes too!

I'll post your McSweeneys card out soon :)

jenn {mountains and musings} said...

Haha, when your postcard arrived I'd forgotten that I said Flash. I love Wonderwoman! She's so tough and so cool :) Thank you!