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01 October, 2012

When the ugly cry face comes out: How to React

What a weekend I definitely want to forget it! I must say I'm looking forward to this fresh week and weekend coming up and please bring on the good karma I've had enough bad luck to last me a few years! I guess everything happens for a reason every challenge you go through some good is bound to follow eventually and I'll definitely be here embracing it when it comes. I am definitely thankful for people sharing their experiences though so it makes me understand I am not alone and bad things happen to everyone and that maybe instead of blowing them out of proportion take a step back and let it go over your head and one thing I try to remember the most is hell I could die tomorrow would I want my last day to be like that? of course not I am a person who believes "in full speed ahead mode" and "glass half full" (hence why I am so impatient ) but at the same time I am a super sensitive person I always have been and somehow I can not stop I think my life is over when someone is heartless to me or bullies me but I honestly think I need to realize my own strength that its only effecting me because I let it and I really am a positive person to everyone else maybe I need to start being positive to myself after all those who hate me really don't deserve to know me, be part of my life, my thoughts, my aspirations and most of all when my dreams come true! I love this quote "Don't ever let someone tell you that you can't do something. Not even me. You got a dream, you gotta protect it. When people can't do something themselves, they're gonna tell you that you can't do it. You want something go get it. Period" (Will Smith, Pursuit of Happiness). I am not talking about a few remarks here and there cause we are all guilty of that but I am talking about the full on Negative stuff the things you go home and come back and bam negative all over again! we need to pull the shutter across in that side of your life and go and grab life bring it to you all the positive things and people flowing behind it most importantly the people who surround you! your family your best friends your work friends anyone who believes in you is worth the time and effort to keep around! Bring it hey! I may have had a weekend from hell and cried to Dave on several occasions even poor Dad and that's okay but what helped me the most was the way they turned my teeny tiny problems and huge massive problems into Life wont stop for you and it happens to everyone its how you react to it that counts be smart but most of all be happy because lets face it I couldn't fit my life into my suitcase to move into Mum & Dads house and well Dave and Lindsay & all my close friends couldn't fit either what is a girl suppose to do! so thank you for those that made me smile when all I wanted to do was hide, for your honesty when I didn't want to hear it for still standing next to me when I had my ugly cry face on I love you all x x x

Cutest Text from Dave :)


Morgan Nicole Ilg said...

it is so true. and just what I needed to read thank you.
recently, my life little by little has been falling apart, but I'm slowly learning that's it's not mine to bear, so to slow down, take time for me, and just live life, regardless.
anyway, I like your blog, I can't wait to be back to read some more posts from you!
Have a great day!

Maxabella said...

It ain't all roses, that's for sure, Steph. I only hope things are looking much better and your ugly cry face has been tucked away for a little while.

Mine is also tres uggs, but the way. LOTS of snot. Rivers of the stuff. And puffy, OMG. I don't even look human. x