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18 October, 2012

Grateful & Thankful

I have been having the best start to my summer the weather has been glorious day after day there have been BBQ's enjoyed on my balcony, homemade ice blocks, swimming nearly everyday after hot walks in the sun around the lake, laughter is beginning to return with a smile I can't seem to wipe away slight sunburn reminding me about sunscreen! And most of all the company of great friends so much time to spend with my wonderful friends who fill my life with pure joy. The days feel so long I am loving when Dave gets to come home early from day light savings and we get to cook together and enjoy each others company watching all our favourite tv shows and candle light dinners on my balcony. Life this week has been so much more uplifting for which I am ever so grateful for that rush of happiness returning quite rapidly thankyou family, thankyou friends and thankyou my dear husband x x x