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07 October, 2012

Laine Blogger Award

I was awarded yesterday the Laing Blogger Award from Georgina over at Life at the Coop what a lovely surprise to wake upto! I love Georgina's blog I recently discovered it and enjoy reading all of her posts so make sure you pop over and say hi!

The Rules:
Tag the blogger who awarded you. Answer the five questions below. Award the Laine Blogger Award to 5 of your favourite bloggers.

Question one: What is your current beauty obsession?
I Am a Beauty Therapist so I come across a lot of beauty products but I would have to say I am obsessed with Yonka which is the facial skincare I use on my own skin it's made in France and was originally made for burn victims so its so good for your skin and has no parables in it it's all natural.

Question two: What is one beauty item you wished you own? 
I wish I owned a Cloud Nine straightener my GHD is getting old!!

Question three: What is your favourite post to read or write about?
I would have to say my Handyman Husband Posts are always so much fun teaching my Husband the things I've grown up learning from my Dad I always have a good laugh! I love reading new recipes and other designing project mostly with house things as I have a massively huge passion for interior design!

Question four: What inspired you to become a blogger?
When I was younger I would spend most of my spare time writing short stories and redecorating my room so I've always loved sharing those things with everyone and recently this year my parents moved back to Canberra so I wanted them to still be part of my everyday life so I begin sharing photos and stories of Dave & I and then it evolved more into our life after marriage with Date Days, life's struggles, decorating our rental home and just everyday ramblings that make me truly appreciate my Husband and life itself.

Question five: What nail polish are you wearing right now?
Nicole by Opi "kourtney loves kolour" it's bright red I love it! Ready for my friends Beach birthday party yay!

Now I nominate... Rachel over at redcliffestyle I loveee reading Rachel's blog so many good tips!


Redcliffe Style said...

Wow!! Thank you so much xx

Stephanie Winmill said...

Your welcome :) glad I could pass it on! :)

Ms George {Life at the Coop} said...

Yay you did the quiz! That skin care brand sounds really interesting I'll have to check it out.

Anonymous said...

Can I use some of the content from your site on mine? I will make sure to link back to it :)

Stephanie Winmill said...

Hey sorry you didn't leave your name or link so I couldn't email you back :( yeah sure I've got no problem with that as long as you link it back to me, what's your site? I love reading new ones! :)