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14 October, 2012

Happiness cannot be found

Twenty One days until I visit mum, dad, my sister, nephew & niece to say I'm excited would be an understatement! I sure am going to miss Hubby hopefully he survives without my baking haha! I haven't seen my parents since my wedding in May so I can't wait to spend some time together and most of all go Christmas shopping ahh Christmas is creeping up on us sooooo fast it's crazy!! Soon it will be 2013 and hopefully an equally good year like this year and of course our one year wedding anniversary I am looking forward to it so much we are unsure of what we should do for it but as long as we get to spend it together I don't mind :)

These last few months have been crazy and a real life tester but one must always push through the crap, make hard decisions, try to be strong and after much debate realize that happiness cannot be found and to let go of that negative part of your life and as my Dad's advice is always the best Life is too short to take crap when it could take months and years for it even to slightly improve just move on be happy with that man of yours that's all that matters. I am so lucky to have Dave, my family, my friends and if I die tomorrow is everything right now in my life something that I am happy about....

I think not.
Time my writing met my words and actions.