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11 October, 2012

Stuck in the slowest of all time

I feel like I'm stuck like time is going so slowly that I have ample opportunity to spring clean, to write more postcards, to cook time consuming meals, so many things I could do yet I'd rather sit here and wish my time away I have so many things to look forward too at the end of this year and start of next and all I want to do right now is run and grab it all and START! I'm so impatient but especially when I know good things are coming right for me. Lately I'm like a little kid on Christmas Eve I cannot at all sleep in I'm excited for life I feel like if I start or finish things right now I might miss my calling! Right now I'm stuck in the slowest of all time baking, cooking, cross stitching and spending time with my Husband over and over again Monday to Thursday. The best thing I love about this stand still moment in life is the extra hour I get with Dave cause I know soon it'll be a hectic Christmas month ahead so it's been so nice making dinners together, watching tv shows just seeing him come home makes me so happy but most of all Thankful for him standing by my side to help push time along!

Do you ever want time to hurry up?


Ms George {Life at the Coop} said...

Love the cross stitch. What do you plan on doing with them? I've been into funky Cath Kidston tapestry recently. So therapeutic!

Stephanie Winmill said...

Oooo tapestry I have never heard or tried that before is it similar to cross stitch? I wanted to keep the four little ones for when my husband and I have some little kiddies and I'm making a few for my two sister inlaws who are pregnant and due start of next year. I love making them! So easy and quick I wouldn't mind selling them one day!