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04 October, 2012

Handyman Husband Part 3

Part 3 already we are quite a team ha ha! We accomplished Project one in one day! if you don't remember this post it had all the details of what I wanted to accomplish for my space next to my fridge I needed somewhere for our laptop and some filling. Previously I had sold my old couch for $200 that I had saved for our next project! but I allowed $275 for our budget... guess how much it all cost me!! $200 yay! It was a good day although I won't lie there were arguments about flat packs oh the flat pack dramas! but we did it and I am so happy with the results! it ties in perfect with my open plan lounge room, dinning & kitchen and I must say I am so glad I swapped my colour scheme from Aqua & brown to charcoal, black, white and yellow they are my favourite!! I had a little side project too, a Ikea stool I've always loved them but hated that they had no colour so I painted it the same colour as my outdoor table & chairs! which you can find back here at Handyman Husband part 2

Tell me, what do you think?!!


Ms George {Life at the Coop} said...

It looks fantastic! How much do you love Typo?? I have to seriously control myself in there!
I nominated you for a Laine Blogger Award (it's more of a beauty blog thing, but I still enjoyed doing it) so check it out at my blog if you have the time between all your projects! i look forward to seeing your home transform ;)