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05 July, 2012

Banana Cake With Passionfruit Icing

My earliest memories of cooking would have to be Dad saving brown bananas I never understood why he loved cooking with them!

Today I have found the appreciation only 21years late! What have I been missing out on! I must admit I hated cooking with bananas my recipes always came out to dry or not cooked enough but this recipe was perfect I think it was the secret ingredient sour cream! I've never heard of that in banana cake before but it worked a treat the cake is so sweet and moist to eat!

If you'd like the recipe send me an email it's worth a try!!

Prepare to be converted into a Banana Lover!

Bon Appetit!


Salz DummySpit said...

Would so love this recipe please. I have some bananas that are ready to use. Shoot me an email at