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25 July, 2012

Handyman Husband Part 2

My newest project under $150 bargain! I decided to sell my Dad's beloved outdoor setting that I tried so desperately to get off him (it's oh so comfy!!) one of those outdoor settings you melt in and don't wanna get out of! But before I go into my project a little about the surroundings..

A while ago I transformed my bedroom from beachy blues to black, yellow & grey I saved up for ages to buy my leather low bed and then added all the accessories around it mum even crochet me the cutest throw rug! I loved it so much I decided to go beyond the bedroom and start with my lounge room!

We purchased a new lounge with our wedding money in charcoal fine cord from Plush we've got 2 more weeks till it arrives yay! I decided again as it was my most expensive buy I will decorate the colours off that I think it's important for your main pieces to be in a basic colour so you can change your accessories anytime you like! It's been good having the couch made as it takes 3months so I had plenty of time to save and redecorate!

I got a bargain buy from Ikea $1.99 for yellow vases! Picked up some great accessories from pillowtalk, spotlight, earthborn and online stores on Etsy.

Research is definitely the key to success before I go house shopping I always research on their websites, magazines, gumtree etc... And get an idea of what I envision for my space!

The lounge room is complete minus my couch so I will post pictures once I have the star in the room! Although I did pick up recently a bargain on floor lamps so I will post a pic of the amazing value! Buy one and get the second 50% off only cost me less than $100 pretty good value and arrange of different colours they are from Beacon lighting.

So now to my project! My balcony it's kind of a odd shaped balcony and was quite annoying to furnish as only one side gets a good amount of sun daily but it does have a pretty view of the trees and we get the prettiest birds coming to say hello daily. I have been on the outlook for a yellow table considerably smaller than my table & chairs from Dave so it made the space brighter and easier to move around. I couldn't find one in the colour I liked so I bought a cute square woodern setting with two chairs from Bunnings and decided to pick a yellow paint colour and paint it myself.

I chose "rise and shine" in taubans endure and coated it with "white knight acrylic gloss finish" afterwards to finish off the look and seal it. I picked up my cushions and the cute dolly from spotlight and my pot and pansies are from bunnings as well. (The outdoor mat was from my parents) we didn't bother to sand back the chairs or table as it didn't have a shinny lacquer on them, we decided on three coats and are really happy with the result.

I think by the time I was on the second coat of my chair and table Dave was still painting one coat on his seat so slow I swear haha! Overall it took us about 5-6hrs including drying time.

I am definitely loving the yellow flowers too they came back extra bright this year compared to last winter! I am so inlove with my balcony now it's letting so much more light into my unit, the colour is so cheerful and the cute touch of flowers the colours now flow from outside in and vice versus I cannot wait for my lounge!!

I'd love to hear your thoughts! Do you like it?