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16 July, 2012

Happy Anniversary

A very very belated "happy anniversary" to my Mum & Dad 22years of being each others rock.

I think the paragraphs in my wedding speech best describes my parents

My mother is the strongest rock not only in my life but in my family’s, she has been by my side through this whole journey and it wouldn’t have been so fun without her! I’m sure most of you have heard what a little monster I was when I was younger so you can only imagine what my mother was up against for my wedding planning but I think I finally surprised my mum in a good way! We have grown so close over the past years and she has been such a wonderful support system for me. I admire my mum’s courage and strength and her devotion to this family. She loved Dave from day one and took him straight into our family. I love you mum and I hope that I can live up to at least half the wife and mother that you are.

My dad. I think the most important thing to say about my dad is that after many persistent years of learning golf you finally beat Dave on the golf course! Now don’t listen to him when he said he let you win because believe me I have never heard a grown man cry ( I don’t think he knew I was home though). Through my life you have taught me so many life lessons and the importance of setting up our future. Whenever I was lost in life you always knew how to guide me back in the right direction or say the right thing. My dad has always been the biggest teddy bear and showered my mum with love I can only hope that my marriage is as strong as yours! You have always been the man of wisdom and I can only hope before you move you accomplish my long list of handyman tips to teach Dave or you will forever be finding yourself with a month’s list of jobs when you visit me!

Love you Mum & Dad x x

Ps.. Dad loves the tv show "sons of anarchy" and one year for his birthday we bought him fake tattoo sleeves and his friend made him a "sons of Jacaranda shirt" Dad always reads my blog so I'm probably gonna be in trouble but it's just too funny not to share haha!