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08 July, 2012

Twenty Two Hours

Wow what a crazy last couple of days I just did 22hours in 2days now for some people that's nothing but for a beauty therapist whose clientele is 80% massage that is a shitload!! My hands are so cramped up I am so happy to have the next three days off to spend with Dave!
It wasn't all that horrendous I actually met a lot of interesting people learnt a lot about Geelong afl team (all the cooperate fans booked the spa out) and almost fell inlove with Melbourne all over again! (hurry up march!!)
Sometimes I can't help but wonder if I am meant to meet some of the people that walk through those spa doors if I am meant to be a listener, an occasional advice giver, or just to inspire them a little.
Do you ever feel like you've helped a stranger just by being there to listen no matter how small or big their problem is?
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