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18 July, 2012

Have you ever met your twin?

How weird is that moment you meet someone and you know they were meant to be your twin!

Last night I met my Mum's twin it was one of those moments where you felt like you had known the person for decades we laughed and swapped funny family stories, she couldn't believe I was married and our husbands were the same hopeless at anything handyman but obsessed with sport. Great I guess there is no hope of Dave becoming a Bunnings fan. :( She had the same hair, skin tone, loved the same colours as mum it was like It was doing Mum's makeup it was crazy!

As soon as I phoned Mum she said well did you get her name she is most likely a distant relative... Maybe I need to start going to family reunions! Is it just my crazy massive family that have those? Haha

I remember when I was younger my brother, mum and I went to the shopping centre on school holidays and in the food court we always saw Mr Beans twin (Mr Bean from the tv show & movies) haha he was identical it was crazy I use to ask my Mum if she could get his autograph for me. Instead for Christmas that year she bought my brother and I Mr Bean Teddy's haha I think I still have mine!

I wonder what my twin out there looks like maybe she's got the brainy side cause I sure only got creative in me!