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13 July, 2012

Man Flu Epidemic

Husband has a terrible flu I like to call it the "man flu" my mother is very familiar with the symptoms sometimes Dad has been known to inhibit the symptoms from time to time and Husband has a very extreme case if you havent heard of it before the symptoms include...

-constant puppy dog eyes with a bottom lip almost always showing
-asks for a honey tea every time I go remotely near the kitchen
-the most annoying sniffing
-mopping around the house like a zombie
-needs lots of cuddles

Even though Husband was sick we still had a fun two days of together, we saw the new Spiderman movie, got a couple new appliances for the kitchen, did all the house work and washing, I even got a little present two glass house mountain candles they are amazing by the way worth every cent! We hardly ever get weekends off as they are our busiest days at work so our mid week weekend was pretty lovely...