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01 July, 2012


I just stumbled upon 52weeks Reunion on Maxabella's page and although I haven't posted a grateful post before there is no such thing as a bad time to start being grateful so here are my top 10 things I am grateful for:
1. My Husband
2. My Family
3. My Friends
4. Sunshine in Winter
5. Dad teaching me to bake when I was younger
6. FaceTime with Mum & Dad
7. Warm Showers!
8. 24 tv show!
9. Lemon Zesty Body Wash!
10. Coffee on early mornings


Maxabella said...

A perfect time to be grateful, Steph. It's lovely to see a new face. I've enjoyed reading the posts this week immensely.

Your dad taught you to bake?! How cool is that!!! x

Stephanie Winmill said...

It's such a lovely thing you created and obviously has a massive impact to all your friends! And blogging community I've loved reading it and can't wait to do another grateful post next week :)

Yeah dads awesome at baking and all things desert I sure did get my passion for it from him! Mum is awesome at savory food so dinner with them is Especially yummy haha!