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06 June, 2012

Handyman Husband??

The last few days have been a whirlpool of attitude, whoever said DIY projects with your husband are a good hobby obviously didn't live in the same house!

We decided to cover our dinning chairs as we purchased a new lounge with our wedding money and it's gonna take 3months to be made so it was a great opportunity to start removing all the browns and blues as we have now gone for charcoal, black & yellow in the lounge room.

As no one knows yet Dave is well.. How can you say this nicely not a handyman AT ALL! This was a challenge for me as my dad is the best handyman I know, so I took it upon myself to be taught by dad and now I can't get enough of it! I am constantly at Bunnings (our local hardware store)

We went into this chair upholstery challenge very very blindly! I asked my mum ages ago and she said something about a stapler gun and material so off we went into spotlight purchased our material and to my surprise it was the same material as my couch and in the clearance bin it was clearly my day!

When we got home we just thought yep pull the old staples out trace the chair cover and bam! Staple the new one on but oh no the thing was sewn on it was a nightmare! The first chair took 3 hours, a million swear words, some evil eyes and a much deserved drink break! Finally we got the hang of it and decided to just put the new fabric over the old one.

It may not be the most perfect new chairs but atleast we finally accomplished a DIY project with the not so handy husband!