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24 June, 2012

Beauty is Pain...

Wow! I just woke up and my body feels like its 80!!

I had the biggest weekend at work I swear everyone goes crazy for massages on a rainy day especially in hotels, I couldn't help myself but feel a little jealous! I think I have formed RSI or arthritis in my hands! One of my treatments was five hours! Her lovely partner bought it for her birthday. I have now dedicated the next 6months to showering my husband with love and affection after all christmas is coming up... Haha!

I always appreciate my job when the client comes out with the biggest smile and thanks you it just makes me realize the reasons I love my job.

-Giving someone a little time for peace and relaxation creating them a new lease on life.
-Giving them beauty advice to help curb those insecurities.
-To help relieve all those hard to reach muscle aches.
-Getting rid of those horrible knots!
-Just to make someone happy and smile is the simplest but greatest gift!

When I set out to do my career in Beauty Therapy I was pretty nieve and thought it would be easy to get into after all what 16 year old doesn't think they can make their dreams come true I was full of inspiration and passion!

It all came crashing down after 6months into my first ever beauty job in a little salon The Recession hit. I had just moved out with Dave and a couple of friends I was determined to be an adult!

I ended up working at McDonalds my whole life I always said eww I will never work with food! but I sucked up my pride and worked my way up from a crew person to crew chief and then I landed management I spent the next 3 years becoming the person Dave & my Family could be proud of it was the hardest I had ever worked to achieve in my life!! after nearly 4 years at McDonalds I decided it was time to accomplish my dream job!

I applied at Royal Pines for the reception job and they offered me a second opportunity to become the Beauty Therapist I always wanted to be. I was so lucky to get some re training and ongoing coaching to help me accomplish what felt like a lifetime ago my dream job that I had started 5 years previous.

I am now 6months into my job and every client I have I am secretly thanking them for giving me the chance to make there day, to put a smile on their face, to just be able to do what I love!

So Thankyou Clients and Future Clients no matter how much I complain how sore I am or whinge I have the best job and I can't wait to see what the future holds for my career but for now making you smile is the biggest accomplishment to me!

Here are some photos from Beauty School and Beauty Graduation :)